@workstreet is a Dutch company, founded in 2014. Main focus of the company is to develop and implement innovative products and concepts. Boombox is @workstreet’s first attempt on creating a mobile game.

Boombox is a multi-player mobile game. Main goal of the game is to eliminate your opponents, by letting the boombox explode when in their posession. Special powers and alliances with your friends will certainly help you on this task!

Boombox is available for iOS and Android and can be played on smartphone and tablet.

You can activate special powers in order to eliminate your opponents, or for your own defense. After every game round, you receive one new special power if you have less than four of them in your posession and you didn’t lose that specific round.

That depends on the type of game you play. Games at yellow, red and blue tables include extra special powers. To be able to join other tables than just the brown ones, minimum rating requirements apply.

You can change your profile’s avatar anytime you like, once you’ve created your account. Just go to ‘change account’ on the settings screen and select the avatar you want. After you did so, tap ‘submit’ and that’s all!

The method used for calculating your rating, is based on the ELO rating system [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system], which was developed as a chess rating system originally.

When you upgrade to the Boombox premium version, you’ll be able to play an unlimited number of games per day, both at public and private tables. Also, the premium version is free of advertisements.

You can send a general message to all your opponents at the game table, by tapping the text balloon ALL in your screen and type your message. By tapping the text balloon of one specific player, you can send a private message.

At public tables, you play against random opponents. This can be basically everyone who’s online and signed in for a specific colour of table. Also, you can create a private table and invite your friends to join, in order to play a game with them. They’ll receive your invitation through a push notification and can join the game by accepting. In order to do so, go to ‘join room’ and tap ‘join private table’. After accepting the game, you’ll be redirected to the game table right away.


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